My babies 10 weeks old;)


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I think these guys have doubled in size in the last week.

This is Kermit. (He hates me so I only hurried and snapped a picture as I was setting in his cage cleaning plant)

This is Rango. He doesn't seem to mind getting handled. In this picture his eyes look like he's a little dehydrated, but in person he looks fine. Might add so extra mistings for a few days.

Rango again

Both of them in their enclosure. They're getting separated within the next two weeks.

Their enclosure from the outside

I think they are doing good. They eat like little machines, and I see them both drink a couple times a day.


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They are growing soooo fast. They have very different personalities too. I love them to death.

Chams1-How's the little Meller's doing? I'm sure you are doing very good with him.
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