My awesome HYBRIDS are BACK!!!

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I have some beautiful hybrids available once again, these generally sell pretty quick so email me for the fastest response!
(Hybrid mix with the sire from Kammers bloodlines: 43.75% Ambilobe x 26.56% Maroansetra x 16.40% Ambanja x 7.81% Ambanja x 3.13% Sambava x 2.35% Tamatave) - this is a different mix then the other clutches I've had and some of these males are showing a lot of yellow body when they sleep, most likely due to the increased Maroansetra genetics.

Ready to be shipped out via overnight shipping through (Fedex)

4-5 months old. $225 SHIPPED for the male, $195 for F1 & $165 for F2- that's right- the price includes shipping!!!

5 day health guarantee and a lifetime of advice if needed!!
I only take Paypal for payment, no exceptions unless you are picking up locally.
Fastest responses are at my email: [email protected]
M1 - both pics


F2 (tail nip)

The Sire - Archimedes

Here is another male from this clutch, he has a tail nip but he is also a holdback candidate due to his coloration, $225 shipped.

Freshly shed last night/this morning 7-17-13
Both tail nip chams (male & female) have been sold - price reduced to $165 shipped (each) for other remaining females (2 other females same size/age also available) fastest responses at [email protected]
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