My almost complete bioactive setup!

It’s been so long of a wait and I finally got the majority of the tank set up. I am willing to take any advice.

I have a couple of things that I was wondering if needed to be changed As well:
Do I need another heat lamp for the other side of the tank for more basking area?
Do I need a longer uvb lamp? I took a lamp that I had prior and used it. It is 24” instead of the 36” length of my big.

Also know that I said incomplete. This is because I was unaware untilrecently that fake plants aren’t recommended for veileds. So I am returning them and I’m going to get some real plants and branches to fill in the right side of the tank.

it might be hard to tell in the picture, but I have one small Pothos cutting and two small Philodendron cuttings in the back. I’m hoping the will grow in Within the next month.

I’m willing to take any advice for the viv and I have plenty of time to switch things up. I’m getting my cham in about a month.

Extra info...
Substrate - A mix of coco fiber, sand, sphagnum moss, and orchid bark. I think there is a name for it, but I can’t remember.
Heat bulb - 90w reptile heat bulb. I’m now aware that I can get a regular bulb and won’t be using extra money on a special one anymore
UVB - 24” 5.0(I think) linear bulb
Mister - standard mist king setup, only one nozzle, not sure if I should get another nozzle
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