My 10 months old panther is not getting much colour


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I am a little worried about what is going on with my 10 month old tamatave male panther chameleon. I’ve got 1.1 from my local reputable breeder (Czech republic). The female is growing wonderfully and is probably even a bit bigger than the male. (They were supposed to be about the same age 1-2 months). I kept the male in 19x19x39 inch screen cage with T5 6% UVB, heating bulb etc. Supplement with Arcadia Earth Pro A (every feeding) and Reptivite (twice a month). He eats everyday. I have mister and humidifier. I used to breed and sell panther chameleons few years back. I really try to take the best care of them. About a week ago I moved him to very big outside enclosure. Both male and female came from WC parents. I never had a male that did not have colors at that age.
I would like to ask, If anyone here have any experience with similar problem. Do you think he will catch up? I am attaching photos of him, that I have taken today and both his cages. His indoor cage is the one on the left. Both cages are separated with black plastic, so he do not see other chameleons.


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