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I was just curious as to whether you all thought if a Jackson Chameleon (Chamaeleo jacksonii) would be fine living with a Fischer Chameleon (Kinyongia fischeri) in a 4'x3'x3' cage, and if they were what sexes you would recommend. :confused:


I don't have any personal experience with keeping more than one chameleon in the same cage but everything I've read said that it was not good. From things ive read the cage would need to be really big, large enough for the sightline to be blocked most of the time and even if they arent the same species it's a bad idea. But I guess if your really set on it you will want a bigger cage and go with two females. This is all from stuff I've read so sorry if I'm wrong and if I am somebody please set me straight :p.


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i think if impossibile in one cage there are more factor that decline this idea ...
chamaleons of different species have different habitat , and also if this different for us will be nothing for chamaleons could be all.. and more there ll be stress for eat and for make basking ... there is a lot o thing ...
it's usually say that one cham one cage and it's correct for me...
it s possible take the same species and same sex togheter but there ll be a good space and habitat for all 2 3 chams...

but it s always better one cage one chams if you can !!!
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