Multiple Female Tokays


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thinking of introducing a few of my female Tokays together for the 1st time for good if it goes well. How can I be sure they wont rip each others throats out the instant they are together. I planned on rearranging an 36x18x18 Exo terra that neither have lived in so no territory issues hopefully. Or best to leave them solo. Would hate to see some heads get torn off.
Introduce them slowly and of course just keep an eye on them. They will most likely bark at one another and kind of go about licking one another. Mine barked at each other for a bit and for a few days kept out of one anothers way but now have become best buds and even cuddle together under the heat lamp. :) They are tough Geckos with tough skin, don't think it would be a big deal if they took a nibble. Lol! Again, just keep a close eye on them for a few days. Good luck!
I have a pair of females that have been together for a dozen years or more.

I've had a few other small groups of females in the past (I bred them a few times and hatched out babies- sometimes incubation was crazy long).

I really doubt you will have a problem with keeping females together.

Need to get another male one of these days to go with them, but want to get a fancy one this time around- I've only ever had normal ones.
If you have time to monitor them, maybe you could make this work. I have seen before and after pictures of tokays (females) being together. Some were fine after, some were ripped and torn to shreds.

Tokays have their own personalities. You'll have to see what works for each individual tokay. Tokay A might like Tokay B but not Tokay C. Tokay C might like B but not A. etc. etc.
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