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Checking out his new plant:D

Beautiful guy you got there!! what type of plant is that? Looks unique and hardy. Would you happen to have any pictures from a further distance that shows your setup? I've always been interested in melleri, and would love to see how much space people are committing to with this specie. Thanks much.

Hi Jim that plant is outside his viv, so he can have a wander i will get some pics of his setup for you later, he is still in his middle size viv at the mo:D oh nearly forgot its an umbrella plant about 4ft tall
Here you go Jim, he is in a 100gal flex at the moment, and will move up to the 260gal when he is a wee bit bigger:D
Thanks for the pic Karen...Looks very nice!...and when he's full grown, you'll have him in a 2,000gal (aka, spare bedroom) all to himself right? :D Good luck with him. he's sharp :)

Lisa he is an awsome cham, you should consider a mellors they are great to keep:D i will pas on yr compliments to him he is very wise, and will know what i am saying.
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