Moved and all set up


Friendly Grasshopper
Just thought I would share a quick pic of the new digs for the crew.

ummm...WOW !!, that looks amazing, I'm so jealous:mad: wish I had a chameleon 'warehouse'
I have a weird requests.

Can you get a great HD pic of that room? I have a rotating wallpaper on my that has various pics of chams and setups. I would LOVE your cham warehouse in that rotation :D

Truly amazing
Thx everyone. It does take up alot of time but I have good help and I love my Chams so it's fun too lol.
I will try and get some better pics in the next wee while
Hoj that is looking great. I guess I did create a monster. I knew after just a few chams that you were just going to go for it! Looks like you made it. Just keep on, and when the quads are too much with all those panther, just pack the kids up and sent them to me.:D Wait better yet make the trip down we were always talking about. Maybe not, getting a sitter for all the chams, and any babies hatching might possible be too much for most people.:rolleyes:
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