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I have a adult male montium wild caught. Last couple days he has been keeping his mouth open and just sitting there in the corner, not all day but usally in the morning. I heard he might be trying to regulate his body temp but nothing has changed in his free range(6ft wide, 3ft deep, and 8ft tall!!!!) Temps stay in between 63-73 and humidity is usally 60+. ANY IDEAS why he is opening his mouth?? As I was typing this he moved from the corner over to the basking spot and reopened his mouth for a few minutes and now looks all crappy and mad with his mouth shut.
Also he only eats maybe 3 med/large crix on a average day and he is a full adult montium that 10inch head to tail, is this average for him?? Reading other posts I see people feeding theirs 6-8 or 10 crix and I get worried!
They will slow down in their older age. Since he is wc you may want to have a fecal done to check for parasites especially if you have other chams in the household. He might just be ticked off at you. Are you hand feeding him? Let him learn to like you. My 2.5 year old eats about three times a week. A couple of super-worms and a horn/silk worm or two at a feeding and then he's done; compare to my 5month old who eats three-four silk/hornworms or 15+ crickets at a feeding.
RE: mouth open

Could it be that your chameleon is too hot? How often do you mist it? Any changes occur lately? :)
As morpheon said, if he has bubbles/ mucousy shit in his throat and if you can hear noises when he breathes then might be a URI :( id check his the back of his mouth while he has it open and maybe a visit to the vet is needed. Goodluck
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