mouth breathing any ideas


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so my 10m veiled camo is breathing with his mouth open for the last 30min or so. i know this is not good, but i am wondering if there is anything i can do to help. if you dont know camo has no tounge and was not supposed to survive, the vet said, but he has been doing very well.
i am just wondering what if anything i can do. i gave him a little baytril in some fruit and he seems to want to eat and is acting normal.
should i maybe give him a shower, or raise or lower temps, 90 basking to 74 bottom, 40% humidty thats the lowest it goes.
or turn down his light as its almost bedtime
sorry im pretty worried i love this little guy
I'd turn his lights out for now and then tomorrow drop his temp to 88. I keep Luie at 88 or 89. I would not use baytril.
May be the beginnings of a RI, see your vet again perhaps.
Do recheck your temp readings are accurate.

jannB whats the difference between 90 and 88?
May be the beginnings of a RI, see your vet again perhaps.
Do recheck your temp readings are accurate.

jannB whats the difference between 90 and 88?

A tad cooler (2 degrees).

If he keeps doing it with a lower temp keep an eye out for puffing up his chin, extra saliva in the mouth and a popping sound.
awe Hoj, I hope chamo is ok. that little guy has been through enough in his life already. Such a trooper.
I would either of two things..either he's to hot? or he has some sorta infection brewing in there..Izzie opened her mouth I did antibiotics for her if you can i would maybe get a culture done..not sure how much it would be since I worked at the vet I got a discount, but it would tell you if he has an infection and what kind...and your vet should know what meds to use to treat it...GL Camo has come such a long way!

i gave him a little neck rub and he just sat there with his mouth closed and seemed happy, then i put him back in his setup and turned out the lights.
he went over to a wierd spot and was going to sleep, so i moved him closer to his reg sleeping spot and he went to sleep, with mouth closed and has been sleeping since.
he is sleeping on the screen which is rare but not totally uncommon for him.
he looks happy so, fingers crossed.
he is my little buddy and such a trooper im sure he will be fine.
thx guys hoj & Camo
Hoj you need to keep a close eye and ear on him. He may be opening his mouth if he is to hot. He may also be doing it because he is getting a URI. When you listen to his breathing pay close attention to any sound he makes, do you hear popping, wheezing, any sort of noise at all? My problem is I don't know if camo would sound different since he has no tongue.

If he is hot a lower temp is good, if he has a uri then you want to raise his temp to raise his metabolism and help him fight the infection. That is why you need to watch him very carefully. We just can't have anything happen to camo.
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well camo seems good this morn no mouth breathing. i dont thing it was to hot in his setup as its a stable 90 and the closest he can get to the basking bulb and drops to 74 at the bottom( and he was sitting in the hot zone not moving to his cooler chill spot ). but i hope thats all it was.
Laurie i do listen to him alot acctually he likes to sit on my shoulder right by my ear and i can hear everything. and you are correct in thinking that he does have alot more different sounds,i do believe it due to the lake of tounge. which does make it a bit harder. but he looks tiptop right now . soo happy
thanks again everyone
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