Mouth Breathing and Belly suck ins

Lynx - Female Veiled, 8-9 months old, been together little over a month, no laying eggs yet
Basking - 82°
Everywhere else - 72°
¬Everything is Med Zoo, cage: 16x16x30 screen, double bulb kit uvb & heat
¬Spray 2-3 times a day (Warm water), hav a Diy dripper
¬1 live plant Pothos rest all fake floral branches
¬4-5 crickets daily with 2-4 meal worms, sometime throw in super worms 3-5 a week.
¬Gut load cricket with oranges, collard green, spinach, apples, some Pothos leafs (I did try tomatoes and certain grain cat food but took them out after thinking that wasn't smart)
Worms eat oaks, same leafys as the crickets.
¬All crickets are dusted with Cal daily, I switched herptivite multivitamin twice a month with rotate of Cal with d3.
¬Live in FL, she is inside, been having cold fronts these past weeks, house always in 70°s for her.

Ok now the problem~
LOTS of Mouth Breathing, at first I thought she was hissing at me but she doing it pretty offend. Its a weird noise, cham don't usually make noises so Im really worried. Also I see her sucking in her belly a lot too. She does have some color in her cage but when I'm home I let her free range in my room and she her Bright happy colors. She not completely dark but she upset or having respiratory problems. Visually she dose have a lot of dry spots on her, which I'm spray her down with warm water, she likes it, and the only time I see some of her bright colors while she in the cage. She is sheading on her hand so maybe the spots are that?

Is frequent mouth breathing normal and so is belly sucking in? The Combination mean anything?
Maybe the new weather making her nerious????

On my list I'm going to buy more plants and put them near her cage for better oxygen and I'm revamping her in cage water collector for tubes and holes. And I have a lot of leafs coverage so I'm getting a bigger uvb light that stretches across the top to help evaporate water mess easier.

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belly sucking in

Outside of cage
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She can be gaping for one of two reasons I can think of 1) she is basking and getting heated up but isn't ready to move or 2) she has a respiratory infection and needs vet care and antibiotics. The fact that she is making a noise makes me believe it is no. 2. I would try to get a vet appointment ASAP and bump her basking temperature up to help her metabolism fight this. Try to keep her hydrated.


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When she sucks her belly in... does it look like she is suddenly trying to draw in a deep breath, and does her rib cage flare when doing this?

If that sounds like what she’s doing, she is definitely not gaping. No doubt in my mind, we’re you able to get her to a vet yet?
Went to Vet!
Yes flaring belly suck ins, see rib cage
Yeah I'm pretty sure respiratory something, not a basking thing...
Yes I got pink goop called Trimethoprim-Sulfa??? Is that Baytril?


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FYI, when she is outside her cage, bright "happy" colors tend to be stress coloring.

Did the vet diagnose the cham with a URI?
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