Most portable cage?

Sorry I haven't been on the forums recently, all caught up with planning a reef aquarium, anyway I'm going away for the summer and having a friend take care of my chameleon and I'm wondering what the most portable cage is, so I can drop my chameleon off at his house.

Oh yeah and I don't want the cage to be too expensive.
Easiest to setup? An Apogee mesh cage, but they aren't really good as a full time enclosure.
Cheap? Not really any cheap enclosures that your friend could keep at his house for X amount of days while you're gone.
Just to travel? Just for travelling I use a box, or a large bucket.

Depending on your friends skill with lizards I might take a small indoor tree with a large bucket base and a heat/UVB lighting fixture. Cup feed the crickets and mist a couple times a day.

I am not sure if you need to give him a setup, or you just need to transport the cham.
Ok, thanks for the suggestions and I need to find a cage quickly, 2 days :eek:

Oh yeah and I'm not to worried because my friend is very experienced with reptiles so I know my cham will be ok
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