Morning rain in the cages


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Put lilsters in Rex's cages for some rain ImageUploadedByTapatalk1367079530.494182.jpg ImageUploadedByTapatalk1367080767.931022.jpg
Thanks :) how many do you have?

Rex has a minor uri so can't take him outside anyway, plus it's only 60 in Indiana..

So my vet said I shouldn't ever take him outside... And I was like they don't live in the wild in cages... ;)
Sorry if I have missed this somewhere, but today alone I have seen this same cham in a few posts and I am intrigued by him/her...what species?! It seems super calm and friendly...and huge!

I am not someone who is all about the colors, though they are cool on panthers, but I am more about the attitude of the cham. Weirdo (my Jackson's) is really calm, but is not a fan of leaving his cage very often. It takes him a minute to warm up to me picking him up, but once he is on me and away from his cage, he is cool. But as soon as he is within reach of his cage, he wants back in. He definitely earns his name with his behavior.
Rex my male and Lilly my female are Oustalets chameleons. The longest species on record. And Thanks it mostly because I've raised him since 1-1/2 months old
Do you have any pictures that show their full size, tail outstretched for scale?

What size cage do they require?
Thanks for the detailed pictures! Those helped for scale a bit. I am apparently always on the path of improving my cage for Weirdo, and dimensions for bigger chams helps to plan for his growth. He won't get THAT big, but I like seeing what everyone else has.

..and now I want an Oustalets.
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