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Its kinda slow in the chameleon world so I am posting a pic of my dogs.
A Bulldog and a Bullmastiff. Lets see everyones other creatures.


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i have about 20 bulldogs at the mo!


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Yep-he is up there in years. I thoroughly suggest that if you are going to keep Bulldogs-have alot of $ to spend. I did my research and got him health guaranteed by a breeder with spotlessly clean lines. Ross had surgery at 6 months for luxating patella(paid for by breeder-good people), and has lived on cortizone for skin issues ever since he was about 3 years old. He loves my kids and all adults, but hates all other kids under the age of about 14. Strange since we picked him out when he was 2 days old, visited him every weekend til we brought him home at 9 weeks. The breeder had kids also. All in all he is a good soul and I enjoy his stubborn personality.
Those are the MOST adorable puppies I've seen for ages!
I used to breed staffordshire bull terriers, have 3 now. Don't breed them anymore, since my youngest girl died from a womb disorder when she was a pup :(
They do cost alot of money but I grew up with bulldogs so other dogs don't cut it for me. They have the best personalities.


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my parents are breeders, i have grown up with them all my life, i would love an English bull terrier but cant keep it with them! we have a 10 year old who just got a first place at crufts. We also have this puppy bitch that is doing very well. i have loads more pupy pics if anyone wishes to see them.


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Hi, Here is my Staffordshire Bull Terriers "Trunks" and "Kiki"

Just chilling out :)

Big Staffy smile !

And my Female KiKi

Alittle Fun in the back yard !

I have to en the Bulldog era in this topic and show you some pics of my Australian Kelpie - Tyra (not named after the supermodel)

She normally looks like this:


But sometimes she is not that cute:

I am pet sitting my daughters bull dog he looks just like yours. He is a sweetheart. I call him my 4 legged grandchild. She named him Frog.He is about 5 years old.
Love the Staffy bulls...I have a APBT and a 2 year old English Bulldog snoring by my side...The next one I will get will be a Staffy Bull...
Here is a pic of my 7 yr. old Boxer (pure bred but runt so pretty tiny) and our puppy a Cavalier King Charles, both females.


and a more recent of the Cavalier:

Very gorgeous dogs everyone! I've always been a fan of the staffordshire & pitbull, but now that I saw my brother's American Bulldog, I absolutely love them! The markings on all the bullie breeds are gorgeous! Kiki's are particularly gorgeous markings...very unique!
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