More climbing spots


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I did a major clean on sully's cage today and took everything out, the whole shabang! He is exploring a lot more now, so I decided I would move stuff around for him and give him some more climbing spots! My worry is that, he is usually already curled up and ready for bed almost an hour ago! He is still roaming around.. Is this because he doesn't know where to go? Lights out is in 20 mins!

Was this a bad idea? Should I have left the cage the way it was?

Should I change it back?


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Could take a couple of days for him to figure out his new "favorite" spots. It can be a bit stressful sometimes. Zaphod is not happy with me right now because I rearranged his enclosure a bit to move one of his plants away from the basking bulb. (The leaves were drying out.) He has been very drab colored since the change and is eating, but not as much. He usually doesn't mind the major cleanings, but he is also starting another shed and is very grumpy this time :).
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