Montreal reptile expo


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Sorry if this belongs in lizard lounge but i figured this is the most active section...

I'm thinking of coming down to the reptile expo in mtl and was wondering what companies/vendors will be there if anyone knows ? I'm mainly going just to look around and to pickup some feeders but i'm sure it'll be a fun day (montreal is never boring:D)
I'm making arrangements to be there- the 7 hour car trip should be fun for a friend and I. It'll be nice to visit and participate in a French Canadian influenced event, as there are some differences between reptile communities, more Europeen I suppose.

Montreal Reptile Expo
July 29, 2007
9AM to 4PM
I will be there we sell feeder insects, should be a fun show i wish i was better at french im sure there will be a huge quebec crowd. Im looking forward to the new vendors i think it will be quite different then the ontario shows. Even if i was not a vendor id be interested in going. Any one wants to say hi just drop by

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i wouldn't worry, there's a lot more english then you'd probably think in montreal and I have a feeling alot of Ottawa area people will be going too. If I would of read about the shows earlier I probably would have went to the kemptville one also

Wish I could go. I live over on the West Coast. Been to Montreal though the place is awesome. Have a great time.
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