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After watching Exo Terra's video on the visit to Cameroon, I was surprised to see that the forest(s) that had the Trioceros montiums actually literally had running water in the form of waterfalls in them. I also recall I think Chris Anderson saying the temp where the chams themselves were found could often be below 70 degrees Fahrenheit, even LOWER than I had read before, which was 72-76, despite the temperature for the region was often mid to higher 80's.

I'm very curious to see pictures and read about how people are keeping either T. montium or T. cristatus nowadays. I know several outlets got shipments of them in and I know a couple people on here got them recently. Let's get specific - temps/humidity, what are you using for water? Drip system? Humidifier? Sonic mister?

I'm curious to see how people are replicating this environment in captivity and what works! Pictures appreciated. How are you feeding them? Feeding cup? Let them run loose?

*Edit: What about a table top or wall-hung waterfall off amazon and sticking it in the cage and seeing if the chams will drink from it? Anyone with experience with this?


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*Edit: What about a table top or wall-hung waterfall off amazon and sticking it in the cage and seeing if the chams will drink from it? Anyone with experience with this?

I used to use a hydroballs substrate with river stones on top. Then I had a tetra repti-waterfall system that came with filters. The water was raised to about 3 inches in the entire tank. This did not affect my Jackson because of the river stones that covered the water level over the entire tank surface. It kept clean and I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Jackson would drink from the waterfall. After a few months though, my Jackson got too big and I needed the tank for an Axolotl. So I moved him to a screen. I really like that setup and I plan to recreate it someday with a larger setup. Water was kept pretty clean despite the waste because of the filters that come with the tetra waterfalls. Crickets were cup fed. Humidity was excellent without misting; a constant 70%.


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I don't have the species you are discussing, but with a few items being tweaked , I keep them all the same. Since you have Jackson's you should be fine.

My personal opinion? I would never have a waterfall in one of my cages. Why put something in the cage so your Cham can drink water he poops in? Just the bacteria would be a deal breaker for me, but no matter what accidents do happen. I just choose to avoid all that I can.:D


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I loved watching this video, put me right to sleep but I enjoyed the part I watched. It really helped me relax after a long day when I needed to get too sleep! I am going to watch the rest so I can pass out and rest for my midterm tomorrow lol.

This video is really nice to learn more about the Montane chameleons!


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I keep my montium in a screen 18x18x36" wrapped three sides with plastic with a very dense schefflera and a pothos at the top. Temps are mid 70s ambient during the day with a basking spot of about 80 in the top back corner so it doesn't radiate very far. Temps at night drop to the low to mid 60s. He has a mistking that goes off 4-5 times a day and a dripper. Seems to prefer the dripper but I've seen him sitting in the mist too. Humidity is at least 60% dry and spikes to 70-80% after misting. Free feeding him.

Current cage setup wouldn't be good for a waterfall BUT I do have plans for a large built into the wall enclosure when I buy a house that will include a waterfall feature. It will not have a pond at the bottom, just fall straight through a screen filter at the bottom into a reservoir beneath so there will be little contamination and only opportunities to drink from the edges or where it splashes onto decor. Saw that in some premade cages at an expo and loved the design! I think it can work if done correctly...
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