Monsoon rs400 issues


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I've had this for about 7 months, and never really understood the damn thing but hey, at least it was working. Well, it has now completely stopped spraying. Whether I manually run it or keep it on the timer, when it's "going off" it will "whir" like it's running, but nothing comes out of either hose. I would think it was a hose issue if it wasn't for the fact that both hoses stopped working at the same time. My reservoir is full.

Also, on the offchance that I get this expensive system that's currently a decorative piece working, what settings do you guys recommend for a Jackson's chameleon?

Thanks for any input, Fuji appreciates it!
just dug through the forums and already saw a few posts referring to the same problem happening to most monsoon owners. Promising lol.
Yea they are not a very good listing system for just little more you could get the aquazamp or mistking and I would d
Suggest it if you can but alot of times if you leave it off plug back in it will start working again I would take nozzles off soak in white vinegar to unclog good luck
I doubt it's clogged. When mine clog, they do it separate. Not at the same time.

You have yourself the answer by researching. This is common with those, as you already know now
That what I was afraid of. Should I just mist him myself and create a drip cup/bottle in the meantime?
Yes. You can use just a normal spray bottle. I however hated that. I bought a pump up spraying from HD for like 10 bucks. Worked pretty well and was much easier to use.

Dripper would be a good idea as well:)
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