monsoon mist

I went to a reptile show today and there was a display of the monsoon mist. It looks pretty good. there is no bucket or pump it looks like a humidifier that you can digitally program. Also just a thin black tubing goes up the side of enclosure. I can't compare to the mist king or any other mister I have never seen those. I liked the way it looked compact like a humidifier no buckets. Although this can only handle maybe 6 cages but i think less than that.


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after learning that mist king has a new basic setup for 99.99 im gunna go mist king just for the fine mist it produces..
I just liked the idea of a little unit. It produced a fine mist but of course I do not know how it will hold up plus I have never seen a mist king.I have a little house with a growing amount of cages so compact is good for me.:) I am still not sure which on we shall see.


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I bought a monsoon mister. as long as I leave a spot where it doesn't spray my cham is happy and will drink off the leafs and the 2 or 3 dripps that comes from the nozzle. for a single cham his would be great finding the extra nozzles and y connecters are very hard. I have even looked online and can't find them.
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