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Came home from a weekend away to discover SPIDER F****** MITES IN HER ENCLOSURE. I am taking tomorrow off to scrub her enclosure down. I ordered a new cage b/c i'm furious and would like to deep clean her current enclosure and let it sun bake for a few days. I am not sure how this happened -- she has had the same plants in her enclosure for months now and I repot and wash and spot check EVERYTHING before it goes in there. The chances of it hitching a ride on a feeder are so slim -- A****LES.

I think I will start dipping the roots in a 2% NaCL solution and dry them before reporting ( I do this with orchids that I get in the mail)-- and neem oil all new plants and quarantine for at least 3 days before they go in.

I'm so mad. Any one had this happen? Advice?


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But dont feel bad. I get them on my house plants, without introducing new plants, and i dont buy feeders. I think they just come in on the wind or something, like grain mites.

I like it when people have frog ponds etc, and some how "odd" fish show up. Like how the heck did a bird manage to bring a baby fish into the pond?
Thanks for the link I’ll have to bookmark it just in case these pest.
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