mites in dubia colony


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hello , I just wanted to make this post to save someone from stressing out over mites in their dubia bins , im not sure what caused mites in my bin , maybe the roach chow I bought off ebay or contaminated fruits or veggies and the fact that my humidity was pretty high but the way I got rid of them was super simple !!! first I sorted my dubias to get rid of all the frass and to get rid of the old egg crates, then I places all the dubias in a large tote with paper towels , I did this to dry the dubias as much as possible because my tub was pretty humid , and grain mites thrive in a humid environment ! so that was step one , set two , I hosed down the tub with regular tap water then dried out the bin with paper towels , I then placed the bin in the sun to make sure no moisture was left !! once the bin was fully dry I replaced their egg crates with new ones. last step , add the dubias back in the bin once they are nice and dry . now that you have a clean bin with new egg crates and dry dubias , you have created a dry environment which is key to getting rid of the mites . final task , make sure to clean the area you keep your dubias at, and make sure that the area is dry as well ! I placed my dubias back on top of their heat mat and did not put any food in the tub at all (wet or dry )! the temp was set to 90* . the next day all the mites were gone , I waited two days till I put food back in the tub and now two weeks later no mites :) hope this helps someone's hair line from receding more... lol
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