mites, can anyone help?


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i recently noticed mites in my roach colony, i cleaned them and got rid of any moisture and thought i had it under control but i don't. i just realized they are in my mealworms, superworms, roaches, i'm not sure about the crickets.
has anyone had these tiny white spots? are they grain mites? can they hurt my chameleon's?
is there any way to get rid of them? in my mealworms? how, pick out each beetle and worm? 2,000 or so?
i don't know where to start, has anyone gone threw this?
do i need to dump everything? 2 years of feeding, cleaning and caring for all my feeders?
lost, please...
Sorry I can't help with grain mites (which it sounds like you have). Just be grateful you aren't dealing with bird and rodent mites. I recetly had to endure an explosion of these guys in my apartment and it was brutal. They seemed to leave the chameleons alone, but I found them all over my body... literally all over. It was horrible, I can't believe my girlfriend didn't leave me.
bird mites, like the ones on pigeons? in their feathers? i used to race homing pigeons when i was young?
is there anything that kills the mites? another bug, lady bugs?
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