MistKing Nozzle Maintenance Tutorial


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Haven't been on in a while but I did post a while back about my discovery of MistKing spray nozzles being serviceable. Now I'm deciding to do a tutorial.

So if you notice your spray nozzles aren't spraying right, before you go buy new ones, try to service them.

So first things first is tools needed:
-1/2" wrench
-Small Brush

Firstly, remove the spray nozzle assembly. You can take as much of the swivel section as you want, doesn't matter.


Then using the 1/2" wrench as shown, remove nozzle head assembly from nozzle body.


At this point you should have this.


Then using the tweezers, carefully remove the screen located in the spray head assembly.


The all important screen.


At this point, using water and a small brush to clean the inside dome of the screen of debris.

Clean screen.


Reinsert screen into spray head assembly. Position like so and push in using your fingertip.


Hand tighten spray head assembly back into spray head body.


Using 1/2" wrench, lightly tighten spray head assembly until you achieve alignment you had before disassembling, reinstall spray assembly and fire up your system to see if spray is restored. If this doesn't work, then replace your spray nozzles.

Jevin Wutzke
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