mistking and mister?


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I got a mistking system to mist since I won't be home mon-fri 8-4pm. Will that be enough for the cham to drink as well or should I get a dripper too? I have a big 3.5' schefflera in the cage which will help with water but I would like opinions from the best. Any help is appreciated. My cham will be about 1 month 2 weeks old.


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haha i messed up on the title it should say mistking and dripper.
but this is a bit of a problem for me, so any help is great.


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Never hurts to have extra water available. Many use a dripper as well but it's not always necessary. I'd do it if you have one


I would fill a dripper up so it will drip for a good hour and a half right before you leave in the morning. So then your cham will feel more stimulated to drink since there isnt people moving around, or a misting system shaking the cage lol. I would use a dripper everyday and not rely on misting sessions alone.
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