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Do your chameleons like being misted? When every water touches mine he tends to run(well not really run, but move faster) out of the path of the water.
Depends on the cham.

Certainly a spray to the face is not what anyone likes. My cham likes it when I mist/spray him with slightly warmed water from behind. He runs from cold water mists. (As would I)

Some chams just like getting misted on their own terms instead of randomly shot when the keeper is ready. When my misting system goes on, it takes a minute or two, but he slowly eases into that area to get wet.
I use room temperature water. My panther seems to like it, he will stand on his hind legs and do a dance. weird...:rolleyes:
personally my ambanja LOVES being misted/sprayed when he sees the water he runs to the leaves for a nice drink
You don't want to mist them directly. You want to mist up (careful of the lighting) and let it gently fall on him. The warm water is also a really good idea. :)

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Sometimes my chams. willenjoy a nice luke warm mist, but mostly the run like none other!But like it was said by resguy, i do it for his own good.

But my chams. mainly love getting in my shower for a nice rain.This is what all of them love.I find it to be a bit more effective.
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