Misting system, Shurflo?


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Hey guys, what is the difference between diaphragm pump and any of the others? Whats the difference between the 12v and 115v? Also, how did you guys go about connecting a power jack on it? Do any of the shurflows come with a jack already on it?

Im looking to install a misting system. However, they are kinda pricey so I'd rather do it myself.

Does anyone have a link or a picture of instructions on how to build you own misting system? Thanks
I'm still in the process of hooking up my shurflo pump. I'm just waiting for a couple of parts to come in. Ill let you know how I did it once I get it hooked up. I would reccomend, trying to get a pum that has a power cord connected already. Mine came without one and it took me a long long time to figure out how to hook one up. I finally found out how to do it when I asked an electrician. But trust me, you will save alot of time if you get one with a power cord connected already. Check ebay.
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