Misting Schedule?

I've had a rain dome now for a while and love it. So nice to see him happy and not worry about how often I have time to mist him. It's set now for 3 x a day for 2 min. I had a problem with the large plant I had it over flooding so had to move it in between 2 plants so some leaves still get drippy, also put some press n seal wrap along the back of the enclosure to keep the over spray off the wall. My question is 2 part, what is your schedule and how do you have your placed? Thanks!


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My schedule is the same. My setup is plants in plastic pals, with the bottom half filled with rocks for drainage. They sit in concrete mixing tubs. I go through about a gallon of water every 3 days.

Currently im working on getting one of the nozzles to fill up a dripper so i have a constant water drip through the day.
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