Misting and screen cages


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i am waiting on my new screen cage to get here and am looking at getting a mist king starter setup or just getting the pump and buying the rest @ home depot if its cheatper. my question is, if i have it set up on a timer, how do i get the mist from going through the holes ont eh cage and wetting the room? just use a shower curtain or something around it?
If your cage is planted right and you position your misting nozzles right you do not get alot of overspray.
the cage is 18x18x36. i currently have an umbrella plant to put in there and some fake vines. anything else you would recommend i put in there? would putting some fake vines all around the sides help?
Yes-putting the fake plants certainly blocks some of the water. You can also cover a side or two with plastic. I actually have shower curtains hanging on a few of my walls.
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