Misting and dripper question?

Hello everyone.
I have questions about removing my dripper. I use Monsoon to mist the cage 5 times a day for 2min. I see him drink every time mister is on and never seen him drinking from the dripper. Can I remove the dripper?


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Great question. I did once I got my monsoon as well. Best investment ever. Some may say that it's good to use both so the chameleon always has an opportunity to drink. I'd suggest pulling the dripper and just monitor his turrets and urates really well for a week or two. If all is well I would just leave it out.


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I agree with @Brodybreaux25 I follow my hydration with reduced mistings after this podcast. https://www.chameleonbreeder.com/podcast/ep-89-naturalistic-hydration-for-chameleons/
I run a 2 minute misting 30 minutes before lights on, A 1 minute misting at noon, and a 2.5 minute misting right before lights off. I know a lot of people utilize misting for humidity levels. However in dryer areas this can make it to where you are misting constantly. Putting a humidifier in the room where your cham is can up the ambient humidity level.


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I personally have never used a dripper. I hand misted for 5-7 minutes every morning just as the lights would turn on, another misting of 3-4 minutes on my lunch break about 5 hours later, then a small quick spray when I got home for the day and one last 5 minute spray before lights out. When I got my mist king, I followed the same schedule with 2 one minute mists through the night and eliminated one day time mist.

This is what has been working well with my chameleon, enclosure, and climate so you may need to adjust or set up your own schedule based on your chameleons needs.

I recommend listening to the chameleon podcast on hydration the Beman posted above.

Lots of cool info on these podcasts.
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