Misting a veiled and a crested gecko?

So, my family and I are going away over spring break in March and, because I am looking at getting a mist king system sometime in the future anyway and they are so long-lasting, I had an idea that it would be effective to get one for my crested gecko sort of as a testing-phase with the bonus of making caring for my crestie easier for a sitter while I am away (and for the rest of my time with the system). I would only want to do this, though, if I could use it on a chameleon and crested gecko enclosure simultaneously, in which case, I think that I could rule out a panther chameleon in favour of a veiled. This is because, if I am not mistaken, crested geckos don’t have super different humidity needs compared to veileds so the main problem in getting both on propper humidity would only be that a chameleon enclosure is much larger and more ventilated. Would using multiple hoses on the cham’s enclosures while only one for the crestie achieve a balance or would they also have to be on different timers? I like to get my crested’s enclosure up to a low of 50 near the lamp, with the rest of the enclosure more humid. So, in short, would putting a veiled that is in a 24/24/48 screen enclosure and a crested gecko in a 12/12/18 glass-with-screen-top enclosure on to the same mist king be doable and/or cost-effective without having to play around with separating the two enclosures on to different timers? If not, then I think I will make do with hand-misting and drippers for my crested gecko and keep the mist king for the chameleon! o_O


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So with the mist king which is an amazing product you can not really have it on two timers. It is one timer for the whole system and it does not differentiate which enclosure your misting. So this might make it a little difficult as I would think you would over spray the gecko. But I am not familiar with their husbandry.
I run 2 heads on my veiled enclosure because it is larger then the 24x24x48 and I run a cycle of 30 seconds at 5:30am prior to lights on, 2minutes at 7am after lights have been on for 30 minutes, a 4 minute at 12:16pm, 2 minute at 5pm prior to lights off at 6:30pm, and then a 30 sec at 10pm.
This keeps my humidity right where I want it never below 50% and never above 70%. But I would think that might produce quite a bit of water and humidity in your crested's enclosure since it is glass and smaller....

As far as a Veiled or a Panther their humidity levels are not very different Veiled being 40-70% and a Panther being 50-70%... So don't let this rule out which one you are considering :)

I highly recommend the mistking though for your future cham it is a fantastic system.
Based on this information, perhaps I could get my mistking to spray later in the day or earlier in the day and then leave more precise spraying to a hand mister before I leave or when am come home? Though, perhaps it would be most logical to use it only for the chameleon. A dripper may be all I need that is automated for my gecko, anyways.


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Misting is literally only needed for a gecko to increase humidity for shedding and encourage a drink once a day. Otherwise they are happy to drink from standing water. I recommend only using a mistking for a Cham. I have over 7 cresteds. And they all only get misted once a day from a pump mister for 45 seconds to a minute
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