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i was wondering how i would go about puting the mister heads in the cage without doing 2 much damage to screen. also how large should my resivoir be for 2 heads.
I went to Home Depot with the misting nozzles and body to find some washers. Some use nylon washers as I did or you could probably use brass to depending on what you can find. I cut a small "x" in the screen just enough to push the misting connector through. I took it back out put one of the washers over the hole, stuck the misting body through it, put another washer on the inside, and then tightened on the misting head. This will cover up the hole you orginally made for it to go through and it will secure the misters so it does not lean causing the hole to get bigger.

I just use a 5 gallon resivour. I have three heads. Their is a good amount of water left at the end of the day but I just change it out daily.
I use the nylon washers too. Just bring the nozzle assembly to the hardware store so you can fit it properly and not guess.

thanks i was looking around the work shop and found some perfect washers. how do i keep the water in the resivoir warm .
I don't. I originally insulated the bucket and put heat tape in between the insulation and the bucket sides to keep the whole thing warm but I found it made the water in the reservoir go bad unless I chemically treated the heck out of it. Maybe someone else has had better luck. I just fill the tank everyday with hot watter and let it go at that.
I suppose you could use a water heater like for an aquarium but I just let it sit. Now it took my chameleons about a week to adjust to the cooler water but they have done so pretty good.
I found my timer at Home Depot for $17. It does 112 different settings a week. I like because I can mix up there watering schedule throughout the week. Not much but a little. Not sure of the name. You can find some good deals if you look around in your area.
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