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well shoot. ive been dusting my crickets with multivitamins every day for the past 3 weeks. he's a veiled about 4-5 months old. there are no visible problems, his behavior seems normal, excretions normal, seemingly all good. i now know to switch to plain calcium every day, with D3 and multivitamins twice a month. (i already knew about the D3).

i gutload my crickets. i free range feed him 10 in the morning and 10 in the afternoon. so hes eating 20 multivitamin dusted crix a day...

the reason i looked again into supplements scheduling is because ive had him for three weeks and he hasnt shed. the guy i got him from told me that he has shed once. i figured by now he might shed again.?

please advise.
Wait a month before you use the multi vit. again. You should be using calcium without D3 at just about every feeding and calcium with D3 twice a month and the multi vit. once or twice a month. I don't dust all the feeders. I only dust six or so lightly. I gutload well with a good dry gutload and fresh fruits and veggies....which is very important. My blog for new keepers below.
ive been using a regime suggest by harry, rotation between multivitamin (contains small amounts of d3) and calcium without d3. rotate daily.

my chameleon is perfectly healthy and ive had him for almost a year now
thanks Jannb. I've read your blogs before - Luie is awesome!!
heres a pic of my guys place :)
I hope the multivitamin overload hasnt stunted his growth or anything...
heres the pic


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Too much vitamin D3 can result in organ toxicity, gular edema, metastatic calcification, gout, and pseudo-gout (calcium-like deposits).
Thank you for the compliment on Luie.
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