Mist King.

Toothless the cham

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My chameleon loves his mist king so much. Everytime I turned on he runs around in the mist for minutes until I turn it off. when I turn it off he kind of just stand still in shock and then goes back to his basking spot. It's kind of funny. does anybody else have this happened to their chameleon when watching them? Just asking obviously it's not a problem I don't think. It is just kind of cute. :):love::LOL:


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Mine instantly climbs down to the bottom of his plant like something is trying to murder him. I'm often scared hes going to slip because everything is getting wetter. As soon as it stops he runs up and drinks everything.


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So Beman only likes his afternoon shower after he has had the morning to bask. He will just chill in the mist. But if it’s morning or evening before lights go off he runs from it lol


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My cham has a bad habit of always hanging out right in the nozzles spray zone. It'll kick on and it makes him flinch then he just stays put looking like he is stuck outside in a rain shower. I dont know why he doesnt move... He either enjoys it or just really doesnt care. Those expressive chameleon faces dont give a whole lot of info lol


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Each of my 5 adult cams are so unique in temperament and attitude regarding food, human interaction, and very especially water. I am constantly worried that they aren't drinking enough and watch closely, and it just amazes me how widely varied they can be even between members of the same species. I have one that likes to drink right from the spray bottle tip, with just a 2 second spritzing to let him know it's available, all the way through the spectrum to one that won't ever drink unless I have drops hanging from every branch and I piss off so she can't see me. This is the one that acts like I am killing her when the spray is on. LOL I do have one problem child that I just can't get to drink much no matter what I do. He is alive, healthy, and apparently hydrated, so I guess I should relax, but I would dearly love to see him take some water more than the super rare once in a blue moon that I get from him currently. But on your original topic, I have NEVER had one that seems to actively love the rain, misting, or being sprayed. Congratulations!
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