Mist King 'system' for sale

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Recently moved, and am selling old reptile junk that's been collecting dust.... so here is some of it:

What you'll get:

  • 9 Value nozzles
  • 1 dual value nozzle
  • 12 stem elbows (to make nozzles 'extra bendy')
  • 1 ball valve
  • 1 pump
  • 1 pump power supply
  • Brand new NSF certified AquaZamp 1/4" tubing (choose from red, white, blue or black tubing)

Send me your zip code for shipping quote. I will ship using my FedEx account so shipping should be cheap... unless I find that the cost is more than a USPS flat rate box, then I'll just use the USPS box and shipping will be about $12. I will also do local pick-up if you are a SoCal resident.

I am taking offers on this sale, PM me a fair price and if the price is right, the system is yours. I am willing to let this go for 'cheap' considering how much you are getting.... I have no use for this stuff. As for how much tubing is included..... Let me know how much you think you will need when you make your offer. When I operated these parts, I only used Reverse Osmosis water. These nozzles are not clogged in anyway. Make offers in confidence that these parts are near new condition. Also these fittings have been converted over the black collets. I found the white collets would slip off and leak. I also have the collet locks included to help prevent against leaks.

Even if you don't need this many nozzles, you can flip this system for a profit.

Yes I am aware the photo only shows 6 of the 10 nozzles I am offering, I just didn't have the other four assembled for the photo.



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