Missing my Cham


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So Im out in the field for 2 weeks and I had to have a friend watch my Cham Paco. It sucks, its crazy how attached you can get to your Cham. Can't wait to get back.


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You're preaching to the choir here....I feel exactly the same way when I'm away from my chams! You worry about their level of care because 'nobody cares for your Cham like you, you lie awake at night worrying..."is he hydrated", has he eaten, is he stressed?....lol! It gets to the point where you don't go away just because of your chams (although I understand this is for work...)

Oh, sorry! Hope I haven't made you worry now?!? :D
No I try not to worry or think about Paco. But it's hard. But I am kinda worried because I'm not there.
I know how you feel, I was laid up in the hospital for emergency surgery for 4 days and all i kept thinking about was Randall my veiled chameleon, I feed him and mist him and clean his enclosure and now i had to worry about if my son was doing all right when I was gone. He did assure me he had it under control. I know they say chameleons don't have emotions for humans like mammals do, but when I got back from the Hospital Randall would climb down his stick (while still in his enclosure) and stay on the side of where I was sitting. My couch is on the side of his enclosure. when i got up to leave the room he will climb back up to his basking light and as soon as I came back in the room he sure enough climbs back down to my side. He might not have emotion but he does know who I am :)
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