Mineral Deposits or something else?


Your Chameleon - Male, Veiled. 4 Months old (approx), had him for a month.

Handling - Almost daily. The amount of time out of his cage varies. Yesterday we redid his entire enclosure, so he was out for at least an hour... but this is the only time we ever handled him that long.

Feeding - Crickets, mealworms. Gets 4-5 crickets 3 times a day, one mealworm a day. Gutload varies between oranges, strawberries, carrots, oats, and roasted kelp.

Supplements - Exoterra brand. I also have reptical + d3 that I don't use. Calcium (every cricket and mealworm, everyday), Multivitamin (every other monday), Calcium + D3 (every other monday that I don't give him his multi). This monday past was multi day.

Watering - He drinks from the misting system we have, that leaks.

Fecal Description - Never been tested for parasites as far as I know. He goes at least once a day, and it's white and dark brown. I've up'd his food intake lately, letting him eat pretty much however much he wants, and now his poops are twice as big.

History - I bought him from a local reptile specialty store / reptile zoo. They only had him a day, but said he was from a breeder in Russia. Don't know the significance of that, if any.

Cage Info:
Cage Type - 2x2x4' tall, screen enclosure.
Lighting - Exoterra 13W Reptile UVB 100 (Former Repti Glo 5.0 Compact), 60W frosted household bulb, on a dimmer. Both are in 5" domes from "All Living Things". They go on at 7am, go off around 7:30 - 8:00pm. I also have a grow light for the pothos. My husband has been taking him outside for 15 minute sunbathes almost everyday

Temperature - Basking is usually 80*F - 85*F, Ambient is usually 70 - 80 during the day. Lowest overnight was 60*. We have two humidity/temp gauges, one near the basking, one near the middle portion on the opposite side from the lights.

Humidity - 20 - 50 % Humidity, maintained through misting system that goes off for 30 seconds, every hour. He drinks from the spouts when they drip.

Plants - Golden Pothos, and a bunch of fake foliage.

Placement - In the corner, between two windows, in my dining room. I have four cats that don't pay any attention to him. But other than that, it's only my husband and myself.

Location - Ontario, Canada

Current Problem - I just noticed that his right nostril hole seems to be plugged with a white substance. Nothing was coming out of it though. I went to get my camera to take a picture, and now his nostril is clear somehow. Also, my husband noticed him rub his eye on a branch this morning. Never seen him do that before, or since.

A couple weeks ago, shortly after his last multi supplement, we saw him scratching himself (not around shed time) and rubbing his feet on branches. We haven't seen him do it since. I thought it was the aphids that were taking over his schefflera plant, but the plant is now gone, as are the aphids. Now, a few days after his most recent mutli supplement, he's having issues again. Could the multivitamin we're using irritate him? Is there a better brand I should try instead?

What else could be causing this issue?


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Because chameleons cannot release salt through sweat they do it through their nostrils so they are salt deposits. Not sure on the second problem.


Right on! Thank you! Do you think it would bug him and that would make him want to rub his face? (my husband says eye, but that's pretty close to the nose, and his eyes look ok)


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When it is wet inside the enclosure or after a misting it's not unusual for them to rub their eyes on branches and vines trying to clean them. At first I was worried when I saw this too because they can buldge out their eyes and rub them against something. It looks weird! But it's completely normal, unless they are doing it all the time which means there is something bothering the eye
Right on! Thank you! Do you think it would bug him and that would make him want to rub his face? (my husband says eye, but that's pretty close to the nose, and his eyes look ok)
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