mesh vs. screen cages

At the moment i use a little home made cage for my lil' cham, he is 2,5 months old so not too big :p I have a 175 gallon flexarium, i housed my prev. cham in it without problems...except: the zipper have to be changed once.
But its not too stabil, so im gonna make a wooden cage with alu screen on it, or something like that.
never used mesh for a cage, ive only made an enclosure with black aluminum screen. The frame is made out of wood and it didnt cost too much at all. My cage is 4x3x2 and it only cost me 60-70 price of 20$ worth of plants in that cost. :D
If you use the search option, you'll find this topic has been discussed more times than I'd like to remember : P

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