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HAs anyone tried the mercury vapor bulbs for the chameleons? They seem to do a great job for desert lovers, just curious how chameleons will do since the bulbs are not as hot as regular spot bulbs.
I have used them. I'm not sure what you mean about them not being as hot as spot bulbs. There are a few different variations of Mercury Vapor bulbs, including flood ans spot styles.
I know for a fact that if you measure the temperature of a mercury vapor spot vs a zoo med basking bulb the zoo med measures hotter. Did you like them? What do your setups look like? What kind of chameleons do you keep?
I liked them. My cages are VERY densely planted allowing the chameleons to hide from the UV and heat intensity. I've used them on Veileds and Panthers. And yes I liked them but I rarely see cages that I would want to use them on as many people do not plant as densely as I do.

You can find photos of my cages in various past posts of mine. Im working on compiling a documentation of the cage design and construction.

I write in past tense because I'm not currently using them, though I am awaiting a shipment of some to me. My last MV bulb lasted about 18-20 months- with seemingly great UV output. Though I haven't gotten my UV meter yet.
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