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Hai everyone. I haven't posted in a while but after months of prepping and planning my new set up is finally here and ready. King Boon is in and already thriving

Heres some pics of the new set up!
Dragon Stand Large Screen Atrium with drainage
ho-t5-48-quad-fixture-with-one-arcadia-6-bulb-3-x-6-5k-daylight-bulbs from tropic blaze
Power Pure Warm/Cold Humidifier
and an RS400
2 umbrella plants a large pothos, and a bunch of vines and branches

(the first two pictures are for fun.. hes very angry right before the move). I still to this day have only touched him 2 times, to transfer him from new cage to new cage.

Hes close to a year old on july 2nd!


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