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Discussion in 'General Photography' started by Dragobert, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. Dragobert

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    Hi guys, I'm new here, from Germany and wanted to show you the beautiful Panther Dragobert.

    He is about 1year old and recently moved to a new bigger and jungly home.

    But enough talk, let's see some pictures.
    And some gifs

    Would love some feedback on him! 6827D99A-9665-438C-A3B7-9B89EBD8B149.jpeg
    A253EC3A-0BB2-4022-A2C9-32C1F40B2C99.jpeg 6BF26FB1-CCE2-4947-AC39-F41004826BBF.png 7734FF3E-5E1B-4365-9870-DB2D7834BFD3.jpeg
  2. JacksJill

    JacksJill Chameleon Enthusiast

    He's handsome with a cute name. Looks like he's got a good appetite.
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  3. kinyonga

    kinyonga Chameleon Enthusiast

    Welcome to the forum!

    Nice looking chameleon!
  4. Fiona's Mom

    Fiona's Mom Chameleon Enthusiast

    Awesome cham and enclosure. You did good we all LOVE pictures. Welcome.
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  5. CamrynTheCham22

    CamrynTheCham22 Avid Member

    He is so handsome! Panthers never disappoint!
  6. jannb

    jannb Chameleon Enthusiast

    Welcome to the forums. Your little man is very handsome and that’s a very nice home you have for him.
  7. Dragobert

    Dragobert Member

    56560A25-1603-4FF4-A238-584A4E10B5EA.jpeg 467923B3-83A2-4711-8EA2-CFA97EE9596D.jpeg 7FE11E73-2B45-4CF8-B05D-ACA551E0E785.jpeg 0E82201D-EE61-4E84-8672-AA66FE55C362.jpeg Thank you all for your kind words.

    Here's some new pics
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  8. Twitchet

    Twitchet Chameleon Enthusiast

    Welcome to the forum, Dragobert looks very handsome and what a wonderful vivarium he has too,
    He looks well loved and happy.
    I love Germany by the way! A most wonderful country.
    Happy Chameleon keeping.
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  9. Dragobert

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  10. Dragobert

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  11. Dragobert

    Dragobert Member

    Banking in the sun

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  12. Dragobert

    Dragobert Member

    Finally a new shed!

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  13. CJ's Exotics

    CJ's Exotics Chameleon Enthusiast

    He is gorgeous!

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