mealworm or superworm for baby veiled.


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Hey guys all set to order my veiled from lllreptile and I see they offer mealworms and superworms at a good price when u order a veiled I was just wondering what was better to get for the baby


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I hope you have read the caresheet, so you'll have everything set up the way your new cham needs it to be.

Here's the caresheet for you:

Feeders have to be the right size for the cham to prevent him from choking.
Mealworms are smaller and that would be better for a baby BUT they are said to cause intestinal blockages.
Superworms would be too big unless they offer small superworms.
They also offer crickets, if I recall correctly.
You can give them a call and see what your options are.
Silkworms, Phoenixworms, hornworms and Dubias all are excellent feeders.
Here is good info about different types of feeders and how to make them as nutritious as possible:
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