meal worms for my panther???

Most people say that you should not give them too many meal worms, as their hard outer shells are hard to digest, and may cause impaction.

I feed my veileds meal worms in small quantities with no problems
When I first got into chameleons in the early 90s the advice always given by pet stores was to NEVER give mealworms because they would eat their way out of the chameleon's stomach. haha

I've always fed zoophobas, like Marc suggested. Panthers of appropriate size absolutely love 'em. Other plus side is they're easy to gutload too. They will drown in a drop of water so, even if they somehow make it past a panther's love for chomping on them and into the stomach in one piece, they won't survive long. Feed away....
I feed my veileds and panthers mealworms when I am low on crickets. The crickets you can gutload. I feed the mealworms wheat bran as their bedding potatoes and carrots. Does anyone know a gutload for mealworms?
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