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Deos anyone on here know about any breeders in maryland close to baltimore? and if not it doesnt have to be close to baltimore just in maryland.?
Yes she is, but I just spoke to her over the weekend and I don't believe she has anything available right now. Screameleons is in Virginia which is also close.
Baby & Juvenile CB Ambanja & Ambilobe

I have captive bred Ambilobe and Ambanja available beginning next week as soon as I can get them photographed and on my website. Ages 3-4 months and sub-adults available as well. They are gorgeous and already showing incredible color for 3-4 months of age. Check on my website next week :) .
Ambanja and Ambilobe Panther Chameleons

I now have Ambanja and Ambilobe panther chameleons available up on my website for those who were looking for a Maryland breeder and for anyone else looking for some new bloodlines in these locales.

They are beautiful. :)
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