Mantis Ooths: Cham Food+Enclosure maintenance


7A2BB34E-2436-4E65-A454-301829DFC0FF.jpeg My hibiscus has white flies. I can take it out and dishwashing soap it down, or I can buy a new hibiscus...But my question has to do with mantis ooths.

I am interested in hatching them and introducing them to Roz’s viv to combat the flies. I know she will eat them and I’m cool with that (sniff sniff I love mantids and this will be hard) but does anyone have experience on using them to combat white flies? Is the Cham eating mantids to mantids eating white flies ratio worth the effort?

I don’t want to stress her because she’s getting a little darker every day which makes me think she is making eggs in her belly. Thanks in advance!

Edited to add: She just shed yesterday and that stuck shed on her knee is driving me crazy! I want to use a wet cotton swab and get it, but I don’t want to stress her.


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If you have some ooths toss them in, you don’t have to do anything extra to hatch them. I’m sure they will help with the flies but I doubt they will eliminate them all together. Worst case scenario is your Cham gets a few hundred tiny ninja bugs to hunt! Win Win!

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Ooths available now that were harvested in December 2017/January 2018 will produce few, if any Mantis. The new harvest is coming soon, they will be viable ooths. The new hatch Mantids will eat the small flies, but you may not notice the reduction.


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