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    I could have spent all day here searching. As it was I spotted this sweet little female within a couple minutes and she accompanied us for about an hour while we looked for her cohorts. Alas, no luck. Still the family was excited to have her along. 20180416_112132.jpg 20180416_114207.jpg 20180416_112132.jpg 20180416_114207.jpg
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    I really love the looks of female jacksonii xantholopus, they look exactly like how chameleons are often drawn in cartoons. Obviously I love the all Jacksonii cuz... 'cmon 3 horns!!! And yea I can hear some quadricornis fans say 'mine got 4 horns' but this is quality over quantity people! Obviously quadricornis also rule and got other feats that Jacksonii lack so I hereby conclude that all chameleons are equally awesome!

    But I'm going off subject here... She's a good looking lady but judging from the colors I do think she wasn't as happy to see you all as you all were to see her. :ROFLMAO:
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    On a whim we went back to the arboretum today. I found another large female (who looked to be halfway through gestation) and this spunky guy!

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    Back home in WA state today after a long 10 days on Oahu. Finding the chameleons was one of the highlights for everyone. We told the kids whoever found one could pick a dessert that night LOL! Even with everyone looking, I was the only one who actually found any (and I found 3 total).

    The last 2 were funny- I spotted the gravid female on a thin branch a few feet off the ground and pointed her out. My 11 sprinted to her and as he got close I saw the little male on a thin vine about 2' below her! He almost ran right into him! I had to yell "STOP! Look right down in front of you!" So then we had the two of them tagging along on our walk. They were quite popular with other visitors, and we had to stop for photo ops several times, as well as impromptu Q&A. Afterwards, they all went safely back into the greenery to enjoy their afternoon.

    And I got lots of dessert.
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    Maybe this should be moved to Field Observations.

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