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My fiance and I brought a new Panther boy home with us this past Sunday (05Jan20), and for our introductory thread to this forum I thought I'd start a thread to share pictures of him.

His name is Mando and he is approx. 5 months old.






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Nice looking little guy!
Welcome to the forum too!
If you answer the questions in the how to ask for help thread near the top of the health forum we can check on your husbandry for you if your new to chameleons.


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Howdy folks, thanks for the welcome!

He has a reptisun 5.0 T8 above!
If you're running T8s I'd recommend a 10.0 or better yet an Arcadia 12%. Reason being is T8s are half as powerful as T5s. You would think a bigger bulb would be better?! Nope. T5HO is the chameleon standard. If for some reason you're happy with the T8 then I would highly highly highly recommend going up into a 10.0 or 12%.
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