Male Veiled not eating/drinking/doesn't look okay


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Chameleon Info

Your Chameleon: male veiled chameleon, around 8-10 months of age. He has been in my care around 6 months.
Handling: I used to handle him fairly often, daily even. For the last few weeks he has been so incredibly aggressive I haven't been able to put my hand near him without him striking.
Feeding: He is currently and has been on a steady varied diet of silk worms, blaberus atropos roaches, crickets, and superworms (not many supers). They are gut loaded with mulberry chow (silks), kale, romaine lettuce, oranges, apples, cricket food, fluker's orange water crystaly things, etc. He eats every morning in fair amount, around 4-9 insects depending on his appetite.
Supplements: He is given sticky tongue farms miner all-o and repashy calcium plus. The ST farms nearly every feeding and repashy once or twice every two weeks.
Watering: I hand mist with a bottle 1-2 times daily very thoroughly all over his cage/plants/vines. I have seen him drink but recently he hasn't at all.
Fecal Description: He feces are fairly consistent, brown and normal but a little dry. I haven't seen him make any new ones in days due to lack of eating.
History: I got him from a breeder at a Florida Repticon. He was sold to me at an apparent 4 months of age, and seemed healthy but had never been tested for parasites or anything.

Cage Info:

Cage Type: I can't get the dimensions right now, but something like 16x12x18 or around there. It isn't huge but it isn't small. It is adequate sized for him I believe, although he will be getting a larger cage soon. It is a screened cage.
Lighting: Again I can't get the exact statistics on the bulbs/lamps right now, but it is one of those Zoo-med dual dome lamps with a around 50-70W UVA heat bulb and I think like a 24W or something UVB bulb. The lights go on around 7-9am and go off around 7-9pm.
Temperature: I honestly don't really measure exact temperatures. The lowest it could possibly go would be around 70 due to ambient air temperature inside. I would imagine his basking spot was around 85-95 degrees based on putting a hand near it.
Humidity levels: I really don't measure these.
Plants: I had just added a dwarf scefflera or however it is spelled a while back. It seems this might coincide with his new issues as he never had problems before the plant. Before the live plant he had a small pothos plant and some vines.
Location: I live in Tampa, FL. The chameleon is caged inside.

Current Problem:

I haven't seen him eat in around 2-4 days now. I leave free roaming roaches and silkworms in his cage, and did notice a disappearance of silks a bit ago but nothing in days. I removed his plant to clean it and to force him to notice his food because he just sits in an awkward position in his plant all day. He has recently become so incredibly aggressive that I wrapped a towel around his cage to avoid stressing him out. When I move the towel to turn his lamp off at night (just the way its positioned) he will try and strike at me through the cage wall over and over. I haven't seen him drink in a while and his eyes are fairly sunk in. He stays a deep gray/blackish color all day except if he's pissed off when he sees me or I catch him wandering around without noticing me. I'm really worried about him as the other chameleons I own are doing perfectly fine and are very sociable healthy pets, and he was as well until a few weeks ago. His veil has gotten much larger and I assume the behavior is puberty kicking in, but the not eating or drinking thing really has me concerned. He doesn't show any direct symptoms of any illness and looks normal (albeit angry). Sorry if the format of this post is off, I haven't posted in the health clinic sub forum before.
I hope he starts eating and drinking for you soon. Maybe it might be worth upping the misting to see if he will drink. Sorry I can't help more as I am new to chameleon keeping but fingers crossed someone with more experience can help you. If you are worried it might be worth seeing a vet.
Sometimes they just get tired of eating the same foods. If you have other chameleons, I am sure you have gone through this from time to time.They don't always drink when we watch them, but if his eyes are starting to sink, then yes you have a problem going on. If your cage dimensions are correct, that is a small cage for a 8-10 month old Veild, especially a male. My suggestion would be, seeing you live in FLA, is getting him outside for some natural sunshine. It certainly cannot hurt, and only help. You should be able to carry the cage right outside if it is the size you say. Post some pics of him and your set up and let us see if we can spot something.
Not sure if you could get him to the shower since he's so aggressive, but might help with the dehydration?

Lately to lure my sick little guy out without him trying to bite me I hold a stick in front of him and gently nudge him on the back (with another stick) and he climbs on the front stick. Then I just place the stick inside his carrier with him on it. Works well for me! Maybe you can get him into the shower this way.

For the record, my cham hated the shower the one time I put him in it, but it seems like a lot of them love it and would be a great way to get a surge of moisture in him.
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