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Hi! I live in southern Los Angeles and Ive been wanting a veiled chameleon. I've had a veiled chameleon when I was younger so I am looking to buy one. I currently am using a daylight blue reptile bulb for basking, a t5ho reptisun terrarium hood, and a biodude grow light. I currently only have a 36 inch cage which is why I would like to start with a baby or juvenile veiled chameleon.

I am just opening up my options to a seller, you can get ahold of me at fivesixtwosixsixfiveeightnineseventwo, first wanted ad I have posted..
Here is a picture of my cage in the attached file.. Comments are welcome!

I have a monsoon mister but I have a wooden desk so I decided to place the cage on a dripper.


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Hey, just saw your add. I'm in corona, but just wanted to let u know that I've seen baby veiled on offerup, I dunno if your still looking for one. If you interested in a ambilobe panther, let me know😊 I got 4 left. Camilla 20220910_230655.jpg IMG_20220816_003657_01.jpg 20220713_142901.jpg
You’ll need a reptisun 5.0 pr an Arcadia 6% uvb light instead of the grow light. That’s what chameleons require. The cage you have will get too small for a veiled really fast. You really need a 2x2x4 cage or larger.
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