Male panther chameleon heat issue?


So I have a male panther chameleon, I got him as an adult and have had him for about a year so he’s atleast 2 years old by now. Lately he’s been hanging out under his heat lamp for long periods of time and stays dark through the entire day pretty much, his basking spot is at about 92 and there are leaves he sometimes climbs on above his basking spot that read at about 95. He’s never stayed this dark or under his lamp for that long and that’s the temp I was told it should be at. Should I get a warmer bulb maybe?


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92 is considered High already. You could try angling the bulb so its not a round "spot" but instead an ellipse, this would help spread the heat out more. I have 3, 35 watt halogens on a strip about a foot long to make a heat area vs a few inch basking spot.

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I also endorse the gradient for basking.
I have 2 questions:
  1. What are the basking humidity levels? (Moist air feels warmer than dry air)​
  2. What is the brightest light in the enclosure? (Reptiles will bask under the brightest light even if it isn't the warmest.)​
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