male or female?





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Baby Parson's? I love it! :) I don't think I have ever seen a picture of a baby Parson's before! My life is complete :rolleyes:;) LOL


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ima go with male, but its really hard lol cause i have no experience when it comes to sexing juvie parsons.

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is Calumma Oshaughnessyi

If you had a picture of the front. We could see if there is any horn growth starting which would indicate a male. Another dream species.

I see two how many C. oshaughnessyi are you working with? Are you going to breed you huge and diverse collection of Calumma?


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As you can see they just hatched and it's extremely difficult to already tell the sexes for sure. They are realy cute though, I would think they were parson's babies as well looking at the pattern and the build and everything. They are gorgeous!
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